Afghan / NATO Container

Pakistan’s natural strategic location offers the shortest route to all and locked markets up north, including Afghanistan. Pakistan has three warm water ports ” Karachi Port, Port Qasim & Gawader” which interact with ships & goods from far & near.

We are the one who is handling a large volume of cargoes going to Afghanistan for our valuable customers.

Our Service include clearance, trucking, off loading, of C.O.C reloading on trucking or S.O.C to Kabul, Hirat, Kandhar, Badghram & Jalalabad. Satellite phone facility is also available for tacking. Commandos are also available upon request, to escort your goods with added security. On carriage can be arranged upon request.

If shipment belongs to Afghan Government. i.e. some ministry, NGO’s registered with Afghan Government or peace keeping forces deployed in Afghanistan (ISAF / NATO), other than US Army, is called Diplomatic.

With taking the advantage of our head office situated in Karachi near the port area and coordinating with port and custom authorities for prompt customs clearance of cargoes going to Afghanistan, port handling and also arranging transportation with NLC (National Logistic Cell). NLC is a government department in Pakistan who is controlling/monitoring the road shipments to Afghanistan.

Scope of Services:

  • Afghan Transit Trade (ATT):
    • Offers Regular Service from Karachi To Various Cities of Afghanistan.
  • Hassle-Free One Window-Operation ex – any Origin to Afghanistan.
  • Transportation of 20` / 40`Dry &Reefer Containers.
  • Airport Custom Clearance – Kabul / Kandhar.
  • Domestic Distribution / Inland Transportation – Afghanistan.
  • Exemption Processing and Customs Clearance.
  • Monitoring Points along Pak – Afghan Route.
  • Escort Service.
  • Complete Logistics Documentation & Handling.
  • Special Transportation of Heavy Weight, Over-Sized Cargoes.
  • Real Time Status Report
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