Transportation by Road and Train

We are proficient in providing safe and reliable road transportation with a trusted fleet of vehicles, from small trucks to long body trailers, to any desired destination with in Pakistan. By having our own transportation fleet we are confident to provide best possible and economical transportation solutions to our valued customers as per their requirements.

We have arrangements with Pakistan Railway for transportation of Containerized cargo from Karachi / Port Qasim to all upcountry dry ports and vice versa.

Combining the very best of Seagulls’ competencies in its nationwide freight forwarding and domestic distribution network. This straight forward door-to-door service picks up your goods, transfers them to an export facility, and transports them via Air Rail and Road before distributing them to multiple end-users at destination. Its unique features can help you effectively streamline your operations which all translate into large cost savings depending on your activity profile.

Our customers enjoy public team track access. Some of our most loyal customers are not located along the rail network and yet regularly take advantage of the prices and ladings available only by rail. Our public tracks have a general cargo dock for unloading of sensitive shipments requiring box cars. There is room and storage for lumber products and other products that are not weather-sensitive.

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